Personalized Pluto/Scorpio/8th House Energetic Alignment Protocol – activate healthy balance of matters related to the psychic ability, regeneration – via the birth chart


This personalized Pluto Energy Protocol is targeted to help increase your Pluto-based energetic reserves as it is seen particularly from your personal birth chart. We all hold Pluto-based energy in our charts but the ways in which we may derive the most satisfaction from channeling this energy is unique based on our individual energetic placements. So, for example, what builds Pluto energy in one individual may take on different forms and contexts than that which elicits Water energy in another! Certain channels of expression, environments, and mediums may be especially energizing for the channeling of our personal Water energy. Our most productive channels depend on how our propensities for Water energy are working uniquely in our astrological chart.

This protocol will asses how this energy naturally operates in your chart :

1. What particular activities and areas of life, habits and lifestyle patterns will contribute to the harnessing of my personal Pluto energy reserves?

2. What will be the most productive, seamless, efficient and enjoyable means for me to channel my Pluto energy through given my highly unique elemental composition?

3. What stimulates the creative manifestations of my true voice, my soul’s intent and value, and my complete, reflective self-embodiment and how can I harness these points of accessing my boundless creative potential?

Ordering a Pluto Energy Protocol is especially conducive for:

1. Increasing a sense of connectedness to this universal existence (especially helpful for individuals with a lot of Earth energy in their chart)

2. Optimizing imaginative, visual-oriented abilities and enhance spacial-energetic awareness

3. Regaining a sense of understanding of unique soul course and the ability to embody personal intuition

4. Remembering what contributes to your ability to release expectations of manifestation and materialization in the third dimension, and to accept the being of you in every given moment. What reminds you of your transcendence and your existence as a timeless, spatially-unbound multi-dimensional being?

In this protocol, your energetic blueprint will be assessed and a highly strategic, personalized protocol will be compiled based on your personal placements. Please note that all protocols are compiled by hand and will take approximately 3-10 days for delivery – this may vary based on circumstances and divine timing. Thank you for understanding. To expedite your order, please email

Commonly asked questions:

Which planetary protocol is right for me? Ultimately, we are are all elements and we are the embodiment of, comprised of all planetary energies – we all have Scorpio/Pluto energy in us, in addition to the various other planets – the particular “optimal” environmental factors and circumstances for the thriving of these energetic propensities is different from one person to the next. What invites the excited channeled space of this energy is different for each individual and the key is understanding what medium and/or structure may be most energizing and encouraging for you, based on your needs, personally. If you are looking to assess how all energies associated with their planetary placements and archetypes (for all 12 signs, all 10 planets/angles/nodes/points, including all 4 elements), you may consider to opt for a complete Planetary Protocol Package.

We have Water, Air, Fire and Earth working together synergistically in our charts and in varying propensities. Depending on the current state of balance of the channeling of these elements, and the degree of protocol you are seeking, you may choose to target a particular aspect of being, a full element (which would include all planets and archetypes associated with that particular element), or a Full-Body Planetary Body assessment. To gague which may be the best pick for you, here’s a guide to help you identify which areas correspond to the 4 elements:

Fire energy rules matters of physical energy, vitality, a sense of excitement, wonder, and curiosity. It is a highly creative energy that reminds us of our truest intentions in highest form, our potential, and our ability to pursue it. Fire energy harnesses matters of creative and “bold” self-expression. It is a clarifying, purifying and performative energy that helps with clarifying and implementing our deepest desires. If feeling frequently tired, low in energy, bored, confused, listless, frustrated, or unambitious, unleashing your Fire energy as it pertains particularly to your personal energetic blueprint is the key to balancing this propensity and unlocking these gifts that we all hold. To order your Fire energy protocol, click here.

Earth energy rules matters of stability, organization, clarity of purpose, resourcefulness, practicality and connectedness to the physical earth and our earthly senses. It is a highly constructive, ambitious, goal-oriented energy that serves as the sustainer of our dreams, our goals and our ambitions. Oftentimes, people with a lot of creative Water Energy, Fire energy or Air energy who do not have strong dispositions of Earth energy may find trouble implementing their creative energies without channeling their Earth energy. Earth energy is what allows us to bring form to and materialize the stardust of our dreams. If you are feeling disorganized, cluttered, ungrounded, hazy, disconnected from the physical body and/or earthy realm, and/or scattered, then tapping into your Earth energy reserves may be conducive for you. To order your Earth energy protocol, click here.

Water energy rules matters of non-matter, the non-physical world of ether, of spirituality, of energy, of the deep-seated recollection of our past lives, of the chamber of our dreams. In this dimension, we are unbound to the physical world, we find meaning and beauty for things that are unimplied, unspoken, unheard. We are ungoverned by the dimensions of time, space and literacy that mark stages of perception in the 3rd dimension. It is here in the waves of ether, of light, of dreaming, that we find our rest and our home. Water energy is a connective force that reminds us without explanation of who we are and why we are here. If feeling disconnected from your spiritual calling, from the recall of memories, of childhood, from your sense of child-like wonder and imagination, your internal guidance, from the appreciation of the subtleties of life’s many forms, from the ability to see through this third dimensional existence and into the many profundities of your experience on Earth, then unleashing your Water reserves may be especially powerful for you. Order your personalized Water energy protocol here. To order your Water energy protocol, click here.

Air energy rules matters of creative exploration, specifically of the mind and of the socially-integrative imagination. Air energy is the hub of our awareness of possibility, of creation, and of collaboration. Air energy is especially connective, integrative, and dynamic, and ignites our ability to engage spontaneously and openly with others. Communication, writing, speaking, debating, strategizing, analyzing, and creative thinking are ruled by Air energy. If feeling a creative block especially in matters of creative writing, thinking, strategizing, communicating, and/or socializing, difficulty seeing “outside the box,”  and/or feeling isolated from others socially, then understanding the unique characterization of your Air energy outlets may be especially conducive to harnessing this powerful energy! To order your Air energy protocol, click here.

To take a holistic approach to elemental energetic balance, you can order the 4-Element Protocol which includes holistic protocols for Fire, Water, Air and Earth here.

Can I order multiple elemental protocols at once? Yes! In fact, it is most advisable to take a holistic approach when seeking matters of balance, as all the elements work with one another in our chart (for a holistic, full-body approach, feel free to order the 4-Element Protocol). If you are feeling that you would like to increase a certain element, feel free to work element by element. This Water Elemental Balance Protocol is highly specialized for bringing out Water energy. To order the Earth energy protocol click here. To order the Fire energy protocol click here. To order the Air energy protocol click here.

Steps to receiving your Earth Energy Protocol:

Enter your exact birth date, birth time, and birth city in the order form below. This is the date for which the report will be analyzed.

Enter the email address to which you would like for your report to be emailed.

Follow through with purchase steps and confirm your order.

Within 3-10 days of purchase your Earth Energy Protocol will be delivered to your email inbox!


This Earth Energy Protocol will be emailed to you in PDF form within a 3-10 day time frame from when your order is placed. This time allows for the thorough and manual analysis of the specifics of your birth chart, which will provide a highly personalized interpretative protocol.

Please do make sure to double check the birth date and birth time that is entered as you checkout as this will affect the results of your elemental profile report. In astrology, every minute counts when determining the energetic placement of certain fast-moving planets, points, and luminaries. To receive the most accurate holistic outlook of your personal energetic expression, an exact time of birth is necessary. If you only know the date of birth (and not the time), you will receive the truncated energetic expression report, which excludes the house placements and energies of your Moon and Rising (Ascendant) sign as they may be accurately determined only with a time of birth.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

The reason why I offer these personalized Elemental Balance Protocols and why I think it is so important to discover our true soul’s calling:

We are alchemical beings. Our gifts, our potential and our purest form in the 3rd dimension is actualized in the moments of appreciation, recognition and channelling of our unique elemental composition. Grasping the energetic composition of our being is the first step towards achieving our own individualized, unique harmonic state, and harnessing these energetic portals are the second. I created these services with the intent of helping shed light on what your unique elemental structure is and the varying components that may go into accessing these depths of your being.

Alchemy in You was birthed from an incessant desire to remind us that we are all magical beings, and that we are all alchemy. We are all unique compositions of energy frequency. We all have a highly unique reserve of creative potential at our disposal, waiting to be tapped into and harnessed to manifest our deepest desires. When we channel our unique energy reserves in a positive way and in the right area of  life, we are empowered by our gifts and propelled along the path of abundance.

The magic lies within each of us. We are the creators of our world. We are the creators of magic.

What do you want to create?

Terms: The results of this service are not to substitute professional medical, financial, psychological, legal or other such advice. By purchasing any of Alchemy in You’s services, you agree to the terms that Alchemy in You provides services for entertainment purposes only and does not claim to substitute legal, medical, psychological, financial or other such advice requiring professional assistance. By purchasing any of Alchemy in You’s services you agree that the services provided by Alchemy in You are spiritual in nature and subject to interpretation, and that Alchemy in You does not take responsibility for any matters or decisions taken on the part of the client. By purchasing any of Alchemy in You’s services, you agree to bear any responsibility for any decision based on the insights provided in your service and that Alchemy in You and its service providers will not be liable to anyone for any loss resulting from any decision made or action taken from the indirect or direct acquisition of any insights during a reading and that the reader shall not be liable for any decision made or action taken by Alchemy in You or its entities. By purchasing and using any of Alchemy in You’s services, you agree and consent that you have already understood the stipulations of this disclaimer and that it is recommended for you to consult a professional advisor for any medical, health-related, financial, psychological, legal, or other such matters that may be present.

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