Mini Video-Recorded Personal Astrological Elemental Report + Interpretation Overview


Your Mini Personalized Video-Recorded Astrological Elemental Report + Interpretation Overview provides a synopsis of your highly unique, energetic “blueprint” as seen in your birth chart. This is a condensed, generalized version of the In-depth Personalized Video-Recorded Report found here (while the Mini report provides a general snapshot of your birth chart as an overall breakdown of planetary placements and elemental expressions, the In-depth report addresses the finer workings of your energies within your blueprint, overviewing the network of our energies within the context of soul path calling and elemental expression). This Mini report will include a general rundown of your energetic blueprint as seen by way of your birth chart and will address the following:

  1. Your three main Sun, Moon and Rising/Ascendant planetary placements
  2. The analysis of strongest elemental frequency in your chart, addressing the prominent of water, fire, air, and earth in your chart
  3. The most prominent zodiacal archetypes in your chart
  4. General specified indicators of career direction, particular talents and/or soul path calling as applicable
  5. Your report will answer questions like:
    • What areas of life are most conducive to the expression of each element based on my personal energetic blueprint, and how can I balance my elements in such a way that allows me to use my gifts effectively and efficiently? This is the way in which we can determine exactly what facet of life, industry, or is most harmonious with our soul, and in what we can discover our unique path forward.
    • What area of life do I have significant potential in and hidden skill-sets that I may not be yet taking advantage of? This is how we can identify your potential “energetic gold,” which, when discovered and properly pursued, can unleash your inner powers of manifestation!
    • How can I stabilize any imbalances of energetic expression in my being? This is how we can achieve ultimate elemental harmony and balance, bringing us into our being as the alchemist and manifestor of our world.

Steps to receiving your Video-Recorded Astrological Elemental Report + Interpretation:

  1. Enter your exact birth date, birth time, and birth city in the order form below. This is the date for which the report will be analyzed. Note: If you have only a birth date and not a birth time then the report will reflect all energies in your chart except for that of your Moon and Rising sign as determining their position will require an exact time of birth.
  2. Enter the email address to which you would like for your report to be emailed.
  3. Follow through with purchase steps and confirm your order.
  4. Within 5-10 days of purchase, your personalized video-recorded of your Elemental Composition Report + Interpretation will be delivered to your email inbox! Note: if you would like a hand-written essay-format for your astrological chart report, feel free to order the PDF-based version of this Astrological Report + Interpretation here


  • This Video-Recorded Astrological Elemental Report + Interpretation will be emailed to you within 5-10 days from when your order is placed. This time allows for the thorough and manual analysis of the specifics of your birth chart, which will provide a highly personalized interpretative section in your video-recorded assessment.
  • Please make sure to double check the birth date and birth time that is entered as you checkout as this will affect the results of your elemental profile report!

Note: The results of this service are not to substitute professional medical, financial, psychological, legal or other such advice. By purchasing this and/or any of Alchemy in You’s products or services you agree to the terms stated at the bottom of this page.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

The reason why I offer the Astrological Elemental Report and why I think it is so important to discover our true soul’s calling:

Alchemy in You was birthed from an incessant desire to remind us that we are all magical beings, and that we are all alchemy. We are all unique compositions of energy frequency. We all have a highly unique reserve of creative potential at our disposal, waiting to be tapped into and harnessed to manifest our deepest desires. When we channel our unique energy reserves in a positive way and in the right area of  life, we are empowered by our gifts and propelled along the path of abundance.

The magic lies within each of us. We are the creators of our world. We are the creators of magic.

What do you want to create?

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Terms: The results of this service are not to substitute professional medical, financial, psychological, legal or other such advice. By purchasing any of Alchemy in You’s services, you agree to the terms that Alchemy in You provides services for entertainment purposes only and does not claim to substitute legal, medical, psychological, financial or other such advice requiring professional assistance. By purchasing any of Alchemy in You’s services you agree that the services provided by Alchemy in You are spiritual in nature and subject to interpretation, and that Alchemy in You does not take responsibility for any matters or decisions taken on the part of the client. By purchasing any of Alchemy in You’s services, you agree to bear any responsibility for any decision based on the insights provided in your service and that Alchemy in You and its service providers will not be liable to anyone for any loss resulting from any decision made or action taken from the indirect or direct acquisition of any insights during a reading and that the reader shall not be liable for any decision made or action taken by Alchemy in You or its entities. By purchasing and using any of Alchemy in You’s services, you agree and consent that you have already understood the stipulations of this disclaimer and that it is recommended for you to consult a professional advisor for any medical, health-related, financial, psychological, legal, or other such matters that may be present.


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