Alchemy in You

Hi there! My name is Natalie.

I started Alchemy in You as a YouTube channel in December of 2016. Each month I provide zodiac and moon-cycle energetic readings, and I discuss various topics pertaining to soul growth and the ascension into the discovery of your “authentic self.”

Alchemy in You was birthed from an incessant desire to remind us that we are all magical beings, and that we are all alchemy. We are all unique compositions of energy frequency. We all have a highly unique reserve of creative potential at our disposal, waiting to be tapped into and harnessed to manifest our deepest desires. When we channel our unique energy reserves in a positive way and in the right area of  life, we are empowered by our gifts and propelled along the path of abundance.

The magic lies within each of us. We are the creators of our world. We are the creators of magic.

What do you want to create?

The various services that I provide are tailored in such a way that aids in encouraging this discovery of your true self, uncovering your in-born gifts and talents, what I see as your “soul’s gold,” your soul’s deep desires, and the path to ultimate fulfillment and manifestation.

To discover your true soul’s path, in-born talents and gifts that are unique to your energetic blueprint, I recommend ordering the Astrological Elemental Report + Interpretation available here.

For an assessment of how you are currently expressing your energies and tapping into your elements, I suggest getting an Energetic Assessment “Check-In” Tarot Reading found here.

Love and light to all.