Capricorn-specific (Pisces New Moon) Extended Moon Cycle Reading – approx. 2 year long cycle (March11-28)


Hi there everyone! Welcome to this session of the Moon Cycle Program for 1 the energies spanning the 11th of March to the 28th of March, from the New Moon to Full Moon in Libra period! We are all signs – certain signs may speak to certain aspects of life. Full 12-sign package available here. For a Full 12-sign reading package click here. This program session will cover the topics of Energy, Manifestation, and the Moon Cycle, and will work with the manifestation energies of this new Moon Cycle as it is relevant for your particular sign (feel free to order the signs that you would like to follow in this cycle of manifestation as well as those that are strongly represented in your chart, for those of you who may be familiar with your chart!). This particular session will review the energies from approx. Mar 13, 2021 to March 28 2021 as 1 we move from the New Moon to the Full Moon period. In the readings performed specially for each sign, we will activate the energies for each of the 12 zodiac signs as they move through this Manifestation Moon Cycle! This video program will include both energy work and work with concepts of manifestation in video and PDF format.

Included in this Moon Manifestation program is:

  1. An overview video where I cover the topic of energy, manifestation, intention, and the role of the Moon in this particular cycle of creation!
  2. Access to the tailored reading(s) for the zodiac sign(s) included in your order, examining the energetic highlights for your particular zodiac sign(s) during this Moon Cycle period. Key dates and thematic concepts as they pertain to manifestation will be highlighted for your particular zodiac sign(s) purchased.
  3. A PDF-doc with a visual calendar detailing the highs and lows of the Moon’s energy flow through the month and the particular energies to capitalize on for your particular zodiac sign.
  4. A PDF-doc Energetic Manifestation Protocol tailored specifically for your selected zodiac sign(s). Every zodiac sign will have a hand-tailored tips sheet for following this Moon Cycle as it pertains to their sign! You will receive an Energetic Manifestation Protocol specifically tailored for the sign(s) added in your purchase.
  5. A PDF-doc Timeline Schedule of targeted activities and guiding alchemical questions for each of the stages in this Moon Cycle.

I am so excited to embark upon this next wave of manifestation with you all and thank you all to those of you who joined in on the last session – thank you all for your dear support! 

To order your space for this session of the Moon Manifestation Cycle Program, please:

  1. Complete your order below. Note: access will be sent via your email address entered for payment (if you are paying via PayPal, this is your PayPal address). Please be sure to double check spam folders to ensure delivery of access!
  2. Access to view all PDFs and videos will be both directly downloadable on the page of order completion as well as delivered to your email inbox immediately upon completion of your order! It will arrive in the Alchemy in You confirmation email. Please check spam if the email did not come through or feel free to email me at
  3. Note: for any questions, please directly email – any replies to the confirmation emails do not get sent through
  4. Note: If you’d like to order viewing for your other signs, including, for example, your Moon, Rising/Ascendant, Midheaven/MC (career/public life), North Node (pointing to career/life path) or Venus (oftentimes pertaining to matters of career, partnerships, finances or love) sign, you can add them to your cart (if you do not know your sign placements you can calculate them via this link).

It’s so very exciting!

See you all there!


Feel free to reach out with any questions and/or comments at:

Note: The results of this reading are not to substitute professional medical, financial, psychological, legal or other such advice. By purchasing this and/or any of Alchemy in You’s products or services you agree to the terms stated at the bottom of this page.



Terms: The results of this reading are not to substitute professional medical, financial, psychological, legal or other such advice. By purchasing any of Alchemy in You’s services, you agree to the terms that Alchemy in You provides services for entertainment purposes only and does not claim to substitute legal, medical, financial, psychological or other such advice requiring professional assistance. By purchasing any of Alchemy in You’s services you agree that the services provided by Alchemy in You are spiritual in nature and subject to interpretation, and that Alchemy in You does not take responsibility for any matters or decisions taken on the part of the client. By purchasing any of Alchemy in You’s services, you agree to bear any responsibility for any decision based on the insights provided in your service and that Alchemy in You and its reader will not be liable to anyone for any loss resulting from any decision made or action taken from the indirect or direct acquisition of any insights during a reading and that the reader shall not be liable for any decision made or action taken by Alchemy in You or its entities. By purchasing and using any of Alchemy in You’s services, you agree and consent that you have already understood the stipulations of this disclaimer and that it is recommended for you to consult a professional advisor for any medical, health-related, financial, psychological, legal, or other such matters that may be present.


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