Mid-December readings are uploading!

Hello all! The Mid-December readings are now uploading and dispatching.. I will be updating the list below with the signs that have been dispatched as they have been dispatched – feel free to check this post to see which signs have been emailed out! Thank you for your patience with these readings! Love and light to all!


Note: If the sign(s) you ordered are listed as dispatched but you do not find them in your inbox please check Spam to ensure they have not been forwarded there.. feel free to email alchemyinyou@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Dispatched: Scorpio

Dispatched: Taurus

Dispatched: Sagittarius

Dispatched: Capricorn

Dispatched: Pisces

Dispatched: Cancer

Dispatched: Leo

Dispatched: Gemini

Dispatched: Libra

Dispatched: Aquarius

Dispatched: Virgo

Dispatched: Aries

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