Ultimate Hydration + Remineralizing Face Mask – Moisture, Hydration, Remineralizing, Nourishing


Assists the skin’s natural regenerative ability, to heal, regenerate and nourish skin. Mineralizing, potent, and luxurious application. Decadent smell of rose, drawn from all-natural European, magnetically extracted Rose Water. All-natural and extremely powerful. This is the most luxurious superfood for your Skin! Made with added Magnetized European Rose Elixir, softening Organic Olive Oil from Italian hillside groves, Organic Raw Honey, Collagen-Stimulating MSM Sulfur Crystals for added hydration and mineralization, and ionized water to balance pH and carry a pure vibration into creation.

“It’s absolutely luxurious, healing, and re-invigorating!”

For moisturizing and detoxifying the skin, hair, nails and face. This solution is uniquely formulated to facilitate absolute hydration and absorption of minerals and nutrients contained within the mask. This mask helps simultaneously encourage stimulation of the production of collagen in the skin, hair and nails over uses.

Example use:

Ideally to be used on freshly exfoliated and/or cleansed skin that is warm to the touch. If applying to dry skin, wet skin with a moderate amount of warm water and take a medium sized amount into your forefingers and apply a thick layer to face (depending on the level of moisture you wish to apply, feeling free to apply more to particular areas that may require further attention). Can let the mixture sit on your skin for however long for maximum absorption of minerals – generally the longer the better. If you are seeking lighter moisture, feel free to spread the mixture thinly and let the mixture sit for 2-10 minutes. After cleansing the mask off with warm water, apply a few spritzes of this MSM Beauty Tonic Beauty Spray Skin Juice to the skin to seal in moisture with added mineralizing, toning, defining and hydration benefits to seal in the dewy look and pat skin dry. This will help to tighten the pores and seal in the benefits of MSM, Rose, Olive and Honey into the skin throughout the day.

Wonderful to pair with the Micro Moisturizing Scrub and Toner – click here to order. Wonderful to follow-up the scrub with a mask as the scrub will prepare the skin for delivery of moisture and key nutrients in the mask to the skin, hair, face and nails.

Bundle package of all products recommended in this line available in shop. Visit the emporium to order.

This mask will come shipped along with tips for application and special usage instructions.

Best if kept in a cool, dark space in between uses and even better if kept refrigerated – refrigeration will enhance application as a toner! If cloudiness occurs in the bottle over time (to detect, hold bottle up to the light) discard and use new batch.

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Ingredients: Rose Water made from European Roses extracted to magnetize to increase vibration, Olive Oil, Organic Raw Honey, MSM Sulfur Crystals, and Ionized Molecularly-Renewal Water restructured for purity and to carry a renewed vibration.

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Additional information

Weight .5 lbs

1 full box – 100 capsules (approx. 30 day supply), 1/2 box – 50 capsules (approx. 15 day supply), 2 full boxes – 200 capsules (approx. 60 day supply)


Squeeze Tube – Mini Travel size, Jar ( approx. 4 oz)


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