NEW ! – Personalized Energetic Alignment Moon Cycle Program


Hi there everyone!

Welcome to the Personalized Moon Manifestation Cycle Program! I’m so excited to now offer a highly structured and personalized approach to gaining elemental balance, channeling the gifts of your birth chart and supercharging awareness of our soul deep desires! This period of the New Moon to Full Moon in the Moon’s Cycle is a particularly fertile time for calibrating your vision of manifestation, illuminating soul-deep desire, and clarification of our strategic ideals!

In this program, you will receive a Moon Manifestation Cycle Calendar and Guided Alchemical Activities Guide that will be tailored based on the very particular Energetic Alignments seen in your birth chart. Key dates that speak to the illumination of particular gifts, talents, and the proliferation of key energies in your chart will be mentioned. This highly customized Manifestation program seeks to calibrate you to your energetic propensities by way of the Moon’s Cycle, aiming to increase efficiency of our pursuit towards manifesting our ideals. The program will detail the four stages of energetic expression involved in Manifestation and when theses stages are activated in your very personal chart.

Note: If you’d like an in-depth analysis and review of your birth chart, then you may find that ordering this program alongside the Astrological Birth Chart + Interpretation Report may be especially illuminating. If you would like to specifically target activation of a particular element in the birth chart and would like a thorough analysis of activation of that element by way of your birth chart, then you can feel free to order an Elemental Alignment Protocol in tandem with this program. If you would like to incorporate a reading of your energies in tandem with the program, feel free to select an Energetic Assessment Reading from the list here.

Steps to order a Personal Moon Manifestation Cycle Program:

  1. Enter your exact birth datebirth time, and birth city in the order form below. This is the date for which the report will be analyzed.
  2. Enter the email address to which you would like for your report to be emailed. Note – all confirmation emails will be sent to the email address associated with your order (if you ordered via PayPal then it is your PayPal address)
  3. Follow through with purchase steps and confirm your order.
  4. Within 1-3 days of purchase, your personalized Moon Manifestation Calendar and Guided Alchemical Activities will be uploaded in PDF-form and sent to your email inbox!

This program addresses the key steps necessary to gaining elemental balance and manifesting your highest state of empowerment:

  1. Help maximize your efforts towards manifestation, clarifying the most conducive and stimulating times for certain events, activities, and projects
  2. Help illuminate your understanding of your personal energetic rhythms and maximizing the channeling of your energies to manifest what it is you want
  3. Increase awareness of your natural pre-disposed energetic propensities and your necessary rhythm to bring you into your own highly unique, personal state of natural, in-born elemental balance
  4. Illuminate what will satisfy us, our needs, and the consciousness of our soul-deep desires for manifestation and the full, alchemical expression of our being in form

Note: Birth time (as close to exact as possible, not exceeding 15 minutes off from exact timing) necessary for computation of personal energetic rhythms.

Note: If this session is fully booked and you would like to participate in the next phase of the Moon Cycle, click “Join Waitlist” to be notified of when the service is back in stock. Feel free to email with any inquiries! Love and light to all and happy Manifesting! 🙂

Note: The results of this reading are not to substitute professional medical, financial, psychological, legal or other such advice. By purchasing this and/or any of Alchemy in You’s products or services you agree to the terms stated at the bottom of this page.


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Terms: The results of this service are not to substitute professional medical, financial, psychological, legal or other such advice. By purchasing any of Alchemy in You’s services, you agree to the terms that Alchemy in You provides services for entertainment purposes only and does not claim to substitute legal, medical, financial, psychological or other such advice requiring professional assistance. By purchasing any of Alchemy in You’s services you agree that the services provided by Alchemy in You are spiritual in nature and subject to interpretation, and that Alchemy in You does not take responsibility for any matters or decisions taken on the part of the client. By purchasing any of Alchemy in You’s services, you agree to bear any responsibility for any decision based on the insights provided in your service and that Alchemy in You and its reader will not be liable to anyone for any loss resulting from any decision made or action taken from the indirect or direct acquisition of any insights during a reading and that the reader shall not be liable for any decision made or action taken by Alchemy in You or its entities. By purchasing and using any of Alchemy in You’s services, you agree and consent that you have already understood the stipulations of this disclaimer and that it is recommended for you to consult a professional advisor for any medical, health-related, financial, psychological, legal, or other such matters that may be present.


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