360 Degree Complete Energetic-Body Assessment (“energetic check in”) Tarot Card Reading


This is a full Energetic Blueprint reading geared towards tuning into the current energetic expression of each propensity associated with the astrological bodies and houses in the birth chart. It will assess how each of the depictions of energetic frequency are being channeled at any given time is aimed towards helping provide an overall assessment of energetic state of the elements (earth, water, air, fire) are being harnessed, under-represented, or well-balanced.

This is a 360 degree astrological reading geared towards tuning into the current energetic expression of your elemental being. It will assess the projection of elements (earth, water, air, fire), the 12 houses and 12 signs and determine which are being harnessed, under-represented, or well-balanced as according to the spread.

  • It is recommended to supplement this reading with the full Astrological Report + Interpretation for further and more deep astrological analysis of one’s particular chart placements. This Energetic Assessment Tarot Reading works exceptionally well when used in tandem with the full Astrological Elemental Report which serves as a highly eye-opening preface and foundation through which we can further interpret the Energetic Assessment. While the Astrological Elemental Report provides an oversight of your energetic propensities and being as depicted by your birth chart, the Energetic Assessment Reading evaluates the manifestation and utilization of these energies in the current moment. Both services, when used together, can provide a more deep and more purposeful understanding of the manifestation of our energy through time and space, helping provide greater insights as to how best regain your elemental balance, achieve an inner harmony that is unique to you and your individual soul purpose.

The reading will assess the energies of your planetary predispositions, addressing various characteristics of your energetic blueprint and their current synergistic, interconnected state of expression. This reading will assess your energies based on the planetary positions, archetypical alignments and energetic composition present in certain areas of life assessed in your birth chart.

Steps to receiving your Energetic Assessment Reading:

  1. Enter your exact birth date, birth time, and birth city in the order form below. This is the date for which the report will be analyzed.
  2. Enter the email address to which you would like for your report to be emailed.
  3. Follow through with purchase steps and confirm your order.
  4. Within 5-10 days of the confirmation of your purchase, you will receive an email with a link to your video-recorded assessment, which will be made available for private view to you via YouTube!


This Energetic Assessment Reading will be emailed to you in video form within a 5-10 day time frame from when your order is placed. This time allows for the thorough and manual analysis of the specifics of your birth chart, which will provide a highly personalized interpretation in your reading.

Please do make sure to double check the birth date and birth time that is entered as you checkout as this will affect the results of your elemental profile report. In astrology, every minute counts when determining the energetic placement of certain fast-moving planets, points, and luminaries. To receive the most accurate holistic outlook of your personal energetic expression, an exact time of birth is necessary. If you only know the date of birth (and not the time), you will receive the truncated energetic expression report, which excludes the energies of your Moon, Midheaven (MC) angle sign, Rising (Ascendant) sign and house placements as they may be accurately determined only with a time of birth.

Please feel free to add any notes you may wish to include in your request of this reading in the “notes” field upon checkout or email alchemyinyou@gmail.com

Note: The results of this reading are not to substitute professional medical, financial, psychological, legal or other such advice. By purchasing this and/or any of Alchemy in You’s products or services you agree to the terms stated at the bottom of this page.

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Terms: The results of this reading are not to substitute professional medical, financial, psychological, legal or other such advice. By purchasing any of Alchemy in You’s services, you agree to the terms that Alchemy in You provides services for entertainment purposes only and does not claim to substitute legal, medical, financial, psychological or other such advice requiring professional assistance. By purchasing any of Alchemy in You’s services you agree that the services provided by Alchemy in You are spiritual in nature and subject to interpretation, and that Alchemy in You does not take responsibility for any matters or decisions taken on the part of the client. By purchasing any of Alchemy in You’s services, you agree to bear any responsibility for any decision based on the insights provided in your service and that Alchemy in You and its reader will not be liable to anyone for any loss resulting from any decision made or action taken from the indirect or direct acquisition of any insights during a reading and that the reader shall not be liable for any decision made or action taken by Alchemy in You or its entities. By purchasing and using any of Alchemy in You’s services, you agree and consent that you have already understood the stipulations of this disclaimer and that it is recommended for you to consult a professional advisor for any medical, health-related, financial, psychological, legal, or other such matters that may be present.


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