Mid-August 15-31 Readings now available!

Hi all! The Mid-August 15-31 Readings are now available! Access here: https://www.alchemyinyou.com/product-category/other-services/mid-monthly-readings/december-mid-month-readings/

  • Your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant/Rising sign – In general, viewers find that they resonate most with their Sun, Moon, Ascendant/Rising sign for general outlook of energy. These placements may offer us insights into the various aspects of life we are manifesting our energy through, as well as may touch on general thematic progressions of energy that we may be experiencing.
  • Your Venus sign – For a more detailed look into matters specifically related to love, partnership, relationships, finances, creative production, and hobbies, you may find that watching your Venus sign strongly resonates. 
  • Your Midheaven/MC angle and North Node sign – For a more specific assessment of career, public life, and life path direction, viewing the sign placed on your Midheaven/MC angle and North Node may be especially insightful.
To calculate your Moon sign, Rising/Ascendant sign, Venus sign (for matters of love, relationships, patnerships, finances and hobbies), North Node (for matters of career / life path direction) and other chart placements, you can visit the link here: http://www.alchemyinyou.com/calculatemyastrologychart/
Love and light to you on this exciting journey forward towards achieving ultimate soul satisfaction!

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