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Hey there everyone!

I’ve decided to make this Updates page to manage all information regarding the channel, video posts, so on and so forth. Feel free to interact here with any questions and/or comments and I will try to respond here! For direct requests please email: alchemyinyou@gmail.com

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18 thoughts on “Welcome to the Updates page!

  1. Hi! I’m waiting on the October mid months. Taurus, Libra, Aries, Pisces, Cancer, Aquarius.
    Sorry to ask again!

  2. i have really enjoyed your readings , but i have found myself using your readings for emotional support as i have no friends,so i have been tricking myself into somehow belieivng you are my friend, i am in a situation where i have never had no human or civil rights in my lifetime, and am in a legal battle over all this that will probly last longer than i will live, as nobody will help me, i haf to force myself to do what causes the least amount of stress on me so, i haf to stop listening to card readers, but hey, if you ever want to be my real friend , message me anytime , i don’t like alot of people , but i automatically liked you , and that ivdeo of you and your sister and the dog, you are a very nice person in my book, and i hope you make millions of dollars doing this, you deserve it, ,,,,your work has a positive impact on society, so , more power to you, sincerely, marty lynch

    1. Hello Marty! Thank you for your kind comments, your support.. all are one. You are on this transformational journey with all as soul mates even those who may not clarify “friendship” as the quality of your connection, we are all here as connectors for one another. Love and light. Nat

  3. Much appreciated! I’ve started watching the one for Pisces. It’s my sun and moon sign. I am always amazed.
    Soo the videos downloaded when I first purchased, then disappeared! Lol
    Thank you for resending them!

  4. The mid October readings were well worth the wait! I was thinking I wasn’t meant to have them at that time and after watching them now, I’m happy it worked out the way it did. You always go soo beyond my expectations..the Taurus reading..oh my, I have no words! You’ve brought words to my thought and feelings and a certain confirmation I wasn’t getting from outside of myself.
    I’ve had a perma smile all day, hangin with my enigmatic Taurus/Libra/Aries, Venus in Taurus.
    Thank you for the tech support 😉

  5. Well i appreciate ur wrk,All the best through out ur journey,as nw there is a minimal payment required to have them to read, i cn easily pay bt as im frm Pakistan, & dun possess a credit card to cant make payment,for credit cards is a CURSE ha ha, job less too @ the moment,bt till Oct trailers i watched i gus almost all videos sin e last year Nov i guess so,Lots of luv & gudnesss is wished ur way All the bestest,detailed readings full of luving expressions & advice,guidence,Luv ur work All the Gudluck & the v best w ur channel.& in ur life Natalie
    Warms wishes & hugs

    1. Hello Samana! Wow! Thank you for your dear support. I will be providing the Early Month readings free. Trailers for the next month as well. Thank you for your support. Love and light, Nat

  6. Hello Natalie ,
    ” I appreciate all the things you do more than you ever know. The thing I’m most grateful about right now is you . Thank you for everything, happy Thanksgiving from across the miles ..! “

  7. Hello Natalie,

    My name is Jonathan Hammock, I just had a question about the stones and crystals you use in your readings. I’m looking to perches some more for myself, after a meditation session with my lover, The Magnetite stone i was holding in my left hand began to heat up. It was like an electric current running down my arm to the stone, then the stone exploded. In addition, i revived powerful images like a rainbow bridge of Egyptian hieroglyphs which i recognized right away, and symbols i wasn’t familiar with which turn out to be letters from the Hebrew alphabet and Alchemical symbols. Has this ever happen to you or anyone you know?
    All i know is that your early reading for December was one of the most amazing readings I’ve ever witness, and explained a lot of the “wired” things that’s been happening to me with all the starts surrounding Gemini in the cosmos.

    Thank you, for your time and contribution.

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